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The Case Study (mobile application)

My role

Empathize, Research, Define, Sketch, Prototype, Test.

The challenge

Working professionals can not plan their special occasions. They find it difficult to make special arrangements due to their busy schedule. The challenge is to help people to book tables and parties with customized arrangements. .

The goal

The goal of the project is to solve the challenge of restaurant customers' online booking for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, candlelight dinners.
The goal is to help users to arrange everything they want on their special day with easy application booking and help them to order their food online using this restaurant's application.


Please click on user journey map and persona images to find my research description


With the business goal in mind, Our users should reach the checkout screen without any hiccups. Considering user pain points I added additional requirements comment during booking . It can be more precise by adding budget option for their additional requirements for special day bookings.

Usability Test

.I created a fully-functional, high-fidelity prototype of the user flows using Figma.
High fidelity prototype gives a better idea, how product will look and feel in real time. Also it helps designers to improve design at this level . It helps to create better brand image in future.
Users reaction and frustrations are registered at this level . According to me this is the best phase of design. I have developed a skill where I know what should get corrected. 9 years of testing webbased application made me keen to look at details from user's perspective.
Checked high fidelity prototype using hypothetical users persona and pain points. Created 5 usability study for users. Presenting 1 of the study here.

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