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The case study for social good ( Designing across devices )

The project

.We Care is medical services application, which focuses on how it can help people of all areas to find doctors and medical services easily across all devices.

The role

Responsible for the app to research, design, and test.

Conducting research, competitor’s audit, creating personas, usability study, wireframes, prototypes, and design.

The challenge

Senior citizens do not know how to contact doctors in an emergency. Working people do not get time for regular checkups due to their busy schedules. They can not find a guide to selecting a doctor for their specific health issue. It is hard to find blood donors in an emergency.
There are lots more things to cover under umbrella, keeping accessibility measures in consideration.

The goal

Design an application that helps all age users with different accessibility issues to find better health case solutions.

The research

User research starts with an internet survey of competitors' lists, their sites, and customer reviews. These reviews are taken as based on people facing issues with existing services and their pain points.
Created user personas, and took hypothetical persona cases as another base of research study.

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